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Whole Home Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers in San Antonio, TX


If you suffer from allergies or dry skin, it might be due to dry, stale, or overly moist air in your Texas home. Amazing Air Solutions offers the latest whole-home dehumidifier and whole-home humidifier solutions.

With proper humidity levels in your home, you can breathe easier year-round; this will also help you and your family to breathe cleaner air because it will have fewer pollutants and irritants. Additionally, optimizing your home’s humidity levels with improved indoor air quality solutions can lower your energy bills, minimize mold growth, and reduce illnesses. 

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Whole-Home Humidifiers in San Antonio

You are likely familiar with portable humidifiers. However, a whole-home humidifier gives you the best all-around comfort in your home if your home’s humidity levels are low.

Working with your existing HVAC system, our knowledgeable technicians install whole-home humidification system equipment in your ductwork. That lets the unit add moisture into the forced air in your duct system, which is ideal in the colder seasons when the air is much drier.

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Whole-Home Dehumidifiers

Whole-home dehumidifiers are recommended for use in the summertime when the humidity level is much higher. 

As whole-home dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air flowing out of your vents, your humidity level with this equipment will drop. 

Ideal indoor levels should be 35% to 45%. However, Texas averages a monthly relativity level of 66% humidity. 

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Benefits of Installing a Humidifier and Dehumidifier System

Installing a humidification and dehumidification system has several advantages and differences in how they regulate the humidity in your home. 

Humidification Systems

Humidifiers can infuse moisture into your San Antonio home’s air and are ideal when used in the winter.

Other benefits of using a humidification system include:

  • Reducing cracked skin, rashes, eczema, chapped lips, scratchy throats, mucous membrane irritation, and static electricity
  • Decreasing the spread of bacteria and viruses as moisture reduces them from spreading airborne
  • Lowering energy bills as the air becomes warmer, and you might not need to raise your thermostat settings

Dehumidification Systems

Dehumidifiers can remove excess air moisture from the air in your Texas home. Homeowners tend to use them in the summer months when humidity rates are much higher.

A dehumidification system will also do the following:

  • Removing allergens, dust mites, silverfish, spiders, and mold, which thrive in high humidity
  • Decreasing musty odors like mold and mildew by reducing condensation on windows, floorboards, and walls
  • Improving how your air conditioning runs for more consistent temperatures and lower energy bills

Enjoy the advantages of having a home humidifier or dehumidifier system in San Antonio. Call us at 210-390-1925 or contact us online to arrange an indoor air quality test, and let the magic begin!

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For more than 15 years, Amazing Air Solutions has delivered exceptional indoor air quality solutions to Texas homes. If you want to improve the air quality in your home, our experienced technicians restore your home’s comfort.

Fully licensed and insured, our customers rely on us to consistently provide:

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  • Efficient service from industry professionals

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